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What do I need to get started selling niche products?

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by: Joseph Then
First, you'll need one or more ebooks to resell. Next, you'll need a website to sell the ebooks through. It will need a professional design to inspire trust in your visitors, so this may not be the time to hire your teenaged nephew to design one for you. Think about the last website you made a purchase from: Was the layout easy to navigate, attractive, and free of errors? Would you have felt comfortable making a purchase from a site that didn't look quite right? You will need to hire a professional web designer; look online, or contact the design firm that created one of your favorite sites.

The website will need a shopping cart program to process sales. Only offering pay-by-check/money order options will greatly limit your sales potential; after all, the point of purchasing an ebook is to be able to read it immediately. To accept credit cards (and instant check payments, too) signup for a free account at In exchange for a low percentage of your sales and no monthly fee, they let you accept payment securely and then transfer funds to your bank account. (Or, use their free debit card to withdraw funds from the nearest ATM.)

You will also need a compelling sales letter and at least two informative articles for each ebook. The sales letter convinces visitors to your website how valuable your product is and seals the deal. You will need the articles to help attract visitors to your website in the first place; offering a sample of useful information will get readers to trust you, and leave them wanting moreŚleading them to purchase from you! You can hire someone to write these pieces, or try and write them yourself.

If these steps sound a bit overwhelming, consider starting with a comprehensive niche product program like Not only will they provide you with a selection of new (themed!) ebooks to resell on a monthly basis, but the monthly fee includes an automatic website creation tool that creates a customized, professional selling page in less than five minutes, with no coding or graphic skills needed. It integrates automatically with PayPal. A professionally written sales letter and two researched articles are also included with each and every ebook, taking care of almost all the legwork.

About the author:
Joseph operates a Niche Product website that offers Niche, THEMED product line that users can upsell. You can check out his website at:

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